The I-Wall is a monitor cart that slides along a track with the content changing as it is moved. The I-Wall (Interactive-Wall) is an innovative way to let people control the delivery of in-depth content in a flexible format. Graphics, animation, audio and video content can all be navigated by simply sliding the LCD Monitor. The touch screen adds additional layers of story content to further enhance the visitor experience.
By adding depth to the two-dimensional space of a wall, large amounts of information can be conveyed in a way that is not cluttered or overwhelming. I-Walls can be used for timelines, x-ray views, storytelling, artifact interpretation, introductions, product line displays and more.
The I-Wall can be produced using 20”, 32” and 40” touchscreen monitors traveling across a background that is from 6’ – 20’ using a single monitor. Longer runs are possible by adding additional monitor carts to enlarge the number of visitors interacting with the display.