Watch for the digital waterfall!

Working along side Art Guild. We used Panasonic Pro AV assets to change the environment of the Panasonic DSE 40X20 booth. To do this we combined projection mapping and 4k displays to create a seamless environmental space. Allowing content to flow from one display to the next, on and off of the monitors and walls.

We utilized two Panasonic PT-RQ 22K 4K projectors to cover a 40X10 foot wall with the ET-D75LE95 Ultra Short Throw Lens. Embedded into the wall were four EQ series 4k displays.

To manage the different scenes and looks our content was driven by our custom server solution pushing out six 4k signals at 60fps.

All of the content ran on a loop, but could be trigger from a remote button at any moment.

Thank you to the Panasonic Team and Art Guild for the opportunity to showcase these great products.